10 Alternative Date Ideas That Aren’t Netflix and Chill

Jul 14, 2020

Maybe you’ve been together for a while now, or you’re just about to ask someone out and you don’t think the usual dinner-and-drinks routine is going to cut it. We know how tricky dating in itself can be, much less planning the actual dates! Spending time with someone you fancy shouldn’t have to be stressful, so we’ve come up with this list of 10 alternative date ideas that is sure to impress, and make it a date worth remembering.

#1 Sign up for a wine tasting

If you and your date are both into wine, a wine tasting at a bar or restaurant is a great way to indulge a common interest while getting to sample some fabulous vintages! Most wine bars and restaurants will offer this as a pairing session, whether with cheese or cold cuts, allowing you to skip a long, sit-down dinner for something more light hearted instead. Plus, unless it’s a private session, a group wine tasting class will allow you and your date to mingle with other people, which helps to detract any potential for awkwardness.

#2 Go indoor rock climbing

For starters, rock climbing requires youto work in a team, and what better way to bond than by putting your trust in someone so you don’t plummet 10 meters? Rock climbing is a good “sporty” activity as there are different levels to choose from, so neither of you needs to be super fit to take part. Studies have also shown that couples who exercise together tend to stay together longer, as the hormones and chemicals released when you work out are similar to those of falling in love!

#3 Pretend to be a tourist

Look at your city through fresh eyes by pretending the both of you are tourists. Even if you’ve lived in a place for years, there is a chance there are many interesting activities your city offers that you’ve never thought to try before. Do as you would on a holiday, and plan an entire day with your date. If you’re just starting out dating, this is a lovely way to build fond memories around the place you call home.

#4 Laugh it up at a comedy club

Who doesn’t like laughing? Stand up comedies are a great way to not only get a sense of your date’s sense of humour, but also to guarantee a few chuckles for the evening. Studies have also shown that couples who laugh together are usually in it for the long run, as we get the impression that we are in for a life of laughter and good cheer. Laughter is also a great way to alleviate stress and relax – which we could all definitely do with.

#5 Have a multi-course dinner…

… at different spots! Why commit yourself to 1 restaurant for the evening when you could be trying out a few? Have an aperitif at a bar near work, move on to a casual cafe for starters, a luxurious restaurant for dinner, a simple ice cream shop for dessert and a romantic bar for a nightcap. In fact, you can even make it a more personal experience by each choosing places that have some meaning to you, and sharing the stories when you are there. Plus, all that moving will help with digestion, so you can avoid the inevitable multi-course food coma.

#6 Take a language class together

Learning a new language is a great way to enhance your brain’s cognitive function, which benefits you in other areas of your life – and learning a commonly spoken language like Mandarin, Spanish or French definitely won’t hurt! Learning a new language together is a fun way to bond because you’ll have an automatic partner to practice with, and once you’ve finished the course, you can reward yourselves by planning a holiday to the country where it is spoken.

#7 Do volunteer work

Not only will you get to spend time with each other, you’ll also be putting that time forward by doing something good for society. Pick a cause that you’re both passionate about, whether it’s helping out an at animal shelter or a soup kitchen, and set aside some time each week to help out.

#8 Go for a spa day

We are under the impression that dating means actively doing something, but who said there was anything wrong with doing nothing? Book yourselves a spa day at your favourite spot in town (or try somewhere new for the sake of adventure) and just relax and allow yourselves to be pampered. Plenty of spas offer couple treatments and in our books, the couple that gets massages together are definitely happier together.

#9 Cook up a storm

If you are both foodies, then indulge your passion for dining by creating an elaborate meal from start to finish instead of just going out to eat. Find the most complicated recipe you both think you’ll enjoy, then hit the markets and go shopping for ingredients together. Nothing says teamwork more than cooking – especially if it’s a meal that’s going to take 6 hours to prepare! Even better, make that dish the centerpiece of a dinner party and host a few friends afterwards.

#10 Go on an alternative bar crawl

As with restaurants, we tend to have our favourite bars and rarely stray from the course. Break out of routine and go on a bar crawl of bars neither of you would ever think to enter. If you’re wine person, check out an underground microbrewery; if you’re usually into casual, dive bars, visit the most sophisticated cocktail bar in town. Adventure and a couple of drinks? Yes please.