Dating older women

Jan 13, 2020

With all the new diets and exercise programs available nowadays, it’s no surprise that women in their forties and fifties are looking more youthful by the day. Thank goodness for that, since it dramatically increases the dating range of younger guys. However, dating a woman twice your age tends to be more complex than dating your English classmate and that could be either good or bad news.

As people grow older, they tend to lose a certain flexibility or bouncy quality in their body. This is mostly true of the older woman. Not to worry because of her age, she’s probably more sexually expert than you are, and can show you a few good tricks. She makes for an interesting partner, mostly because of your gap in life experience. At the very least, any encounter with an older woman can prove to be mentally or emotionally enriching. And if she has as much bed experience as she does life experience, it will be a sexually satisfying affair as well.

Keep in mind that older women tend to be a bit more emotionally touchy and its not their fault. Odds are, she’s had her heart broken one or two (or twelve) times before you came along. As long as she’s not taking her past like a bitter old hag, having all this life experience is a good thing. You can even learn a lot from her resilience, although you should be careful not to upset her when probing into the more painful aspects of her life. You can counteract her emotional baggage by bringing in a spirit of fun and youth just make sure that you aren’t reminding her of her eldest son. Try to find a balance in the relationship by making her feel younger, as well as by making you act more maturely as well.

If you treat the older woman well, shell definitely be very grateful of your loving attention. This gratefulness can manifest itself both emotionally and between the sheets, and that’s never a bad thing. All in all, an encounter with an older woman can prove to be a fulfilling one, whether you plan to be one of her short-term rest stops or her lifelong love.